Chocolate Printers

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  Chocolate Printer MC-306 Chocolate Printer MPC-312 Chocolate Printer MPC-312
Printer Model MC 306 MPC 312 MPC 415
Print on Cakes YES, but Limited height YES YES
Print direct on Chocolate YES YES YES
Flat-Bed System YES YES YES
Media Loading Manual Auto Auto
Feeding type Table Moving Printer Moving Printer Moving
Max Print Resolution 4800 DPI 4800 DPI 2400 DPI
Print module exchangeble YES YES YES
Continious ink Supply (CISS) Optional Optional YES
Ink colours 8 8 6
Total ink tank capacity 112 ml 112 ml 780 ml
Brand Sweets & Art Sweets & Art Sweets & Art
Max Media Height 70 mm (2,76 ") 120 mm (4,72 ") 170 mm (6,69 ")
Max Media Width 300 mm (11,8 ") 300 mm (11,8 ") 420 mm (16,5 ")
Max Media Length 400 mm (15,7 ") 400 mm (15,7 ") 586 mm (23,07 ")
Print Capacity per hour 6 SQM 6 SQM 14 SQM
Printer Driver available WIN/ MAC WIN/ MAC WIN/ MAC
Warranty Options 1 - 5 Years 1 - 5 Years 1-5 Years
System Delivery Includes Complete for business start Complete for business start Complete for business start


"Good To Know "

All our professional Cake Printers are manufactured on demand and hand built with industrial quality, designed to give you the best possible value in return for your investment, and that for decades to come. But they are all different, and they are all designed with different printing productions in mind.

All systems are delivered complete with software and consumables to start your food printing production day one, and they are capable of printing direct on the food product, giving you a more exclusive product and the lowest possible production cost.

If you like our free and professional view of the best system for your business production, use the System Evaluation link in the top menu.


"Low maintenance cost - Real value for you "

We like you to be aware of one thing right from start, our professional systems are not representing the low-price sector, but we manufacture the best chocolate & cake printers in the world today, and bring you industrial quality to a decent price. Our professional flat-bed systems has a life span for 10 years or more. With an average maintenance cost as low as one (1) dollar per day, you will find that investing in quality is protecting your business and is healthy for your bank account.


"What is the printing cost? "

If you have a round product with the size 3 cm in diameter (1.18 "), it could be a cookie, macaroon, chocolate or other small food product. The cost to print a product with that size and with full cover is only 1.6 USD, for one thousand (1000) pieces, or 0.0016 USD per piece. Normally the print cover on a food product is 50%, giving you the print cost of 0.8 USD per 1000 pieces of the size presented above.

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